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How To Edit AI Content With CRAFT: Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Chris Velasco
Monday, 6th Nov 2023
Julia McCoy
5 min read · Jan 11 2022

The goal of this tutorial is to provide guidance on using AI to create high-quality content in under 10 minutes. The framework presented is called CRAFT. It stands for Cutting, Reviewing, SEO optimization, Adding visuals, Fact-checking, and Trust-building.

CRAFT is designed to help writers adapt to creating content with AI tools like Contena Scale. It produces millions of AI-generated words per month that are indistinguishable from human writing. The tool excels at long-form SEO content and will soon release 40 short-form content types like product descriptions and press releases.

The key to CRAFT is enhancing AI output through human editing. Steps include removing verbose or unnecessary text, reviewing for proper wording and flow, optimizing for SEO, adding visuals, fact-checking details, and building trust and credibility.

An example is shared of a blog post ranking on the first page of Google that was created with Contena Scale and edited using CRAFT. It cites authoritative sources, links to related internal content, uses images to bring facts to life, and contains CTAs with the author’s photo to build trust.

Following CRAFT ensures content answers readers’ questions, stays on-topic, is easy to consume, and moves readers to take action. A raw AI sample is shown that contains good headings and topics but needs the human touch. The framework allows creating high-quality profitable content in a fraction of the time.

Written by Chris Velasco

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