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3 Income Streams You Can Build With Content at Scale (Video)

Chris Velasco
Monday, 6th Nov 2023
Julia McCoy
5 min read · Jan 11 2022

This video answers a question from Sarif about how to make money with Contena Scale, an AI writing tool. There are three main ways to profit:

  1. Grow your own content sites. Marcus Campbell buys domains and uses Contena Scale to build them into content sites he monetizes through ads, affiliate links, etc. For a personal brand site, the AI can match your voice and build trust.
  2. Become an AI content agency. Resell AI content at a markup as a service. Provide additional value through strategy, hiring writers, project management, reporting. Contena Scale makes writers skilled because it handles the hard parts.
  3. Share as an affiliate. Get a 15% commission for referrals. Put your affiliate link in blogs, share at conferences, etc. Offer an exclusive discount only through your link to incentivize signups.

A real example is Top Click Joe who went from one blog to 30 sites and making an extra $10k/month. He predicts 6 figures a month by transitioning his team to be AI content focused.

The key is packaging and positioning – clients want the strategy and management you provide around the AI content production. Services will always be in demand. Contena Scale v3 will make it even easier to sell and scale AI content production.

The opportunities are vast to profit from AI content tools like Contena Scale. It has made quality content simple, fast and cost-effective to produce. Follow the examples and game plan outlined here to build your own AI content business.

Written by Chris Velasco

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