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What Is An AI Detector & Why Do You Need One? (Video)

Chris Velasco
Monday, 6th Nov 2023
Julia McCoy
5 min read · Jan 11 2022

An AI detector tool tells you how your content will be perceived – by Google and by human readers. It measures the word choices and sentence structure to gauge if the text seems robot-generated or human-written.

It doesn’t actually detect copied AI content. Rather, it analyzes the linguistic patterns that tend to occur in AI-written text based on training data. This helps determine if the style seems artificially generated.

Google has oscillated on their stance toward AI content. Recently they said quality is what matters, not how it was produced. OpenAI launched their own AI classifier in 2023 to identify AI text.

At Content at Scale, we built a proprietary AI checker that is free to use. It provides a “human score” to indicate if the text structure seems more machine-generated or human-written.

You should seriously consider using an AI detector if you produce content. OpenAI plans to watermark ChatGPT output soon. The copyright belongs to the AI tool owner, so you need to confirm what you’re using.

ChatGPT rates very low on our human score metric. Our tool specializes in undetectable AI content that scores close to 100% human.

Including a human score builds trust and value. It proves your deliverables are original, high-quality content. AI is here to stay in content creation, so embrace tools that empower ethical use.

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Written by Chris Velasco

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