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What Is Flipboard Marketing and How to Use It?

Julia McCoy
Wednesday, 1st Mar 2023

Have you heard of Flipboard? If you’re running a business, you should be curious about what is Flipboard marketing.

The Flipboard app is a digital magazine that works both as a social network and newsreader. It now has 145 million monthly active users worldwide. For businesses, Flipboard is another way to reach a large audience and pull traffic to their web stores.

Here are some of the benefits of using Flipboard for advertising:

  1. Reach a global audience
  2. Get quality traffic
  3. Increase brand awareness
  4. More user-friendly than other PPC platforms

Let’s look at what is Flipboard marketing and how you can promote your business on this trendy platform.

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What is Flipboard?

Flipboard is a news curator and social media network that allows users to read, share, and organize news bits from multiple sources. It gives users the flexibility to create their own personalized streams called “magazines” to view valuable content that they find online. Users can also subscribe to public magazines owned by others.

How does Flipboard work?

Using Flipboard magazines couldn’t be simpler – just sign up with your email address and start exploring. Look for topics that interest you or browse through news categories for sports, fashion, and more.

Once you find an article you like, click it to add it to one of your Flipboard magazine. If someone else has already created a magazine about the same topic as yours, then you can follow them too. This way you will get updates when they add new articles related to the subject matter.

What is flipboard marketing

What is Flipboard Marketing?

Flipboard marketing allows businesses to advertise their products on the Flipboard platform. This form of promotion combines both organic and paid strategies in order to reach Flipboard readers and increase brand visibility.

Flipboard marketing offers businesses the opportunity to gain increased exposure within specific markets, access powerful analytics tools for measuring campaign success, and foster meaningful relationships with customers that can lead to higher levels of customer loyalty.

What is flipboard marketing

How to Navigate Flipboard

Flipboard has a simple user interface with easy navigation options. It is compatible with multiple platforms so you can access Flipboard whether you’re on desktop or mobile, Android o iOS.

The main page consists of different topics such as business, entertainment, lifestyle, and sports. You can customize these options by selecting “My Flipboard” at the top right corner of the page.

What can you do with Flipboard?

  • Share content socially with followers or invite others via email or social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Get notifications when new material appears in your feed.
  • Integrate with Google Reader.
  • Comment on posts.
  • Bookmark tools.
  • Customize layouts with themes and colors.
  • Add RSS feeds from external sources like blogs and websites.
  • Save articles into collections called “magazines” for easy access later.

Flipboard can be a valuable asset in any paid advertising plan. By understanding why people are on Flipboard, businesses can create strategies that will help them reach their target audiences more effectively.

Key Takeaway: Flipboard is an effortless platform for discovering content, enabling users to build custom digital magazines and spread stories from the web.

How to Promote Your Business on Flipboard

To promote your business on Flipboard, it’s important to create content that resonates with Flipboard users. This means understanding who you’re targeting and what kind of topics they find interesting or informative.

You should also think about the type of language you use when crafting posts — industry jargon may not appeal to everyone who reads it. Incorporating beautiful images and videos can help attract attention and increase the chances of readers picking up your content.

In addition to organic traffic, businesses can take advantage of paid advertising options offered by Flipboard. Sponsored stories or display ads appear on users’ feeds based on their interests or browsing history. Companies should test different types of Flipboard content to determine which ones are most effective at reaching their audience before investing in any ad placement.

Reaching out to influencers in the same niche is another way for businesses to extend their reach on the Flipboard app. By working with these individuals, companies can tap into existing fan bases without having to do the legwork. Influencer marketing helps get the word out about your brand and establishes credibility for your company too.

Next up, we’ll discuss how to research keywords and trends in order to maximize your content’s impact on Flipboard’s audience.

Key Takeaway: Through the use of engaging content, targeted advertising campaigns, and strategic collaborations with influencers in the same market, businesses can maximize their ROI on Flipboard.

How to Optimize Your Content on Flipboard?

The first step in any optimization process is keyword research — find out what people are searching for in your industry. Use tools like Google Trends or BuzzSumo to find popular topics that have high search volume.

Once you know what people are looking for, create content that addresses their needs while sprinkling your post with a few keywords here and there. This will help increase the visibility of your blog or website when users search those keywords on Flipboard.

Headlines should be concise yet captivating, allowing readers to comprehend the post’s content without needing to click through. Descriptions should provide more information about the topic without giving away too much detail – just enough so readers know what they’ll get from reading the article if they choose to do so.

Don’t forget to write a few relevant hashtags so Flipboard users can find your post.

Visuals are important on Flipboard, so pair your attention-grabbing headline with an eye-catching image to draw more people in. Videos are also highly effective, particularly those featuring someone speaking directly into the camera rather than simply playing some background music.

By employing engaging visuals and compelling titles, you can create a content marketing strategy that captures the attention of your target audience on Flipboard.

Key Takeaway: Research relevant keywords and trends, craft engaging titles, and use beautiful visuals — this is the formula for Flipboard marketing success.

FAQs – What is Flipboard Marketing

What is Flipboard explained?

Created by some of the world’s biggest tech names, the social/news/magazine hybrid Flipboard collects content from social networks, news publications, and blogs and presents them as stories in a magazine format on a beautiful, easy-to-read interface.

What is the business model for Flipboard?

The Flipboard revenue model is based on advertising revenue, which it gets a cut of. The company mainly sells full-page ad space to its content partners and doesn’t sell any of its own.

How do I market on Flipboard?

  • Create your Flipboard Profile.
  • Create Flipboard Magazine(s).
  • Install the Flipboard Bookmarklet or Chrome Extension.
  • Curate content to Your Flipboard Magazine(s)
  • Getting Followers on Flipboard.


Now that you know what is Flipboard marketing, you can start reaching out to audiences and promote your brand. By leveraging the right strategies and optimization techniques, Flipboard can be a powerful tool for content promotion that will deliver long-term results.

Written by Julia McCoy

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