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What’s New in RankWell – Spring 2024

Julia McCoy
Wednesday, 5th Jun 2024

Hey there, content creators! I’ve been playing around with our new UI and I have a ton to share with you.

Our latest features are designed to supercharge your content creation process.

Check out what’s new in our post.

Prefer to watch a video about it? Here’s our Director of AI Jeff Joyce talking all about it:

Everything you need is now in one place – writing, editing, optimizing, and publishing.

No more juggling multiple tools. Let’s dig into all our huge recent updates.

By the way, if you’re a prior customer who had access to our blog posts feature, reply to this email to let me know, and I’ll update your account with a FREE CREDIT to try out all our latest advancements.

Login now to get more work done.

Alright…here’s what’s new and improved!

#1 Unified Editor

The Unified Editor changes your workflow forever. It’s not just another tool – it’s an experience. As someone who’s been in the content creation game for a while now, I can tell this’ll speed up your workflow like crazy.

Check it out. Here’s a blank editor where you can start creating anything you want:

Ah. Nice. Simple.

Here it is after you write a blog post:

Here’s the same editor when you ask it to outline your next podcast episode:

See how I asked AIMEE CHAT (on the right) to do it all for me? Pretty badass. (Can I say that on here?)

Pro tip: For a repurposing ninja move, put the published podcast link back into the unified editor to get a blog post about it. 

Hovering Menu for editing

Let’s talk about the editing options in the Unified Editor. 

The UI includes a hovering menu that puts all the editing power you need right at your fingertips. 

Need to rewrite a section? No problem. Want to improve your writing with suggestions from the AI? You got it. Need to summarize a long passage? The hovering menu in the Unified Editor can handle that too.

Image of Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am.

Seamless Writing Experience

One of the things that really stands out about the Unified Editor is how seamless the writing experience is. No matter what content you’re going to write, now, it all starts in the same editor.

It’s not just about being able to create and edit content easily – although that’s definitely a big part of it. It’s about the flow, the way everything just works together smoothly.

When you’re in the zone, the last thing you want is to be interrupted by clunky tools or complicated processes. With the Unified Editor, you don’t have to worry about that. It’s designed to get out of your way and let you focus on what really matters: creating amazing content.

Quality Content Inside – Our Undetectable AI Writer is Better Than Ever

You might have heard about our monster release, Deep Research, three months ago.

This has been live for some time and people (myself included) love it. Get deep-researched, premium blog posts using RankWell. Then, view the post in our unified editor. We’ve been hard at work making the inner content better than ever. One of our core product promises is the quality of the actual output – creating undetectable, humanlike content is at the forefront of our mission at Content at Scale.

We’ve tightened up our process for output to where it’s faster, better, and higher quality than ever. Deep Research is a feature we continue to improve and perfect so that the output is absolutely incredible. With the ability to create a custom database of content for each and every post generated, we go super deep into NLP analysis, SERP research, semantic analysis and even correlating the knowledge graph to your content and the level of accuracy it has to both search appearance and your reader.

#2 Updated Sidebar Menu

Start Writing canvas

Have an idea? Don’t lose that spark–start writing immediately by clicking Start Writing. Wanna generate an article from a keyword? From a YouTube video? Do it from Start Writing. Even get help from awesome robots, which we’ll talk about next…

#3 AI Writing Assistance

The Unified Editor isn’t just about simplicity. It’s also packed with advanced tools and features that make it a truly powerful content creation software. These are the kinds of things that separate the amateurs from the pros, and the Unified Editor has them in spades. Check it out…

Ask AIMEE anything

You can quickly add any of AIMEE’s responses to the editor. Here I asked it to outline a video about St Kitts CBI. Then I added it to the editor.

AI Agents

AI agents that are built right in. I asked one of our trained AI Agents (Liam McAlister – SEO Specialist) to give me a template for a service area business sales page.

Boom. Added it to the editor.

These little helpers are like having a team of content creation experts at your fingertips, ready to assist you whenever you need them.

If you can think it, you can write it.

Or just Ask AI directly in the hovering menu

Helps with staying in-flow during common tasks. 

Check it out. I told a Facebook Creator AI Agent to “make a Facebook post about my recent experience in tulum. It was terrible. I don’t think that city is ready for all the tourism it’s getting”

I put it in the editor and told AI to improve the writing of my section.

Just super easy.

Chat History for Reference

Another great feature of the Unified Editor is the chat history. If you’re like me, you probably have a million AI chat conversations going on at once.

It’s all here in chat history:

Of course, creating great content is only half the battle. You also need to be able to organize and manage it effectively. That’s where the Unified Editor really shines.

Folder Management System

Wanna save an idea? Stick it in a folder. Wanna organize your folders? Do it. Easily. Inside the Unified Editor.

Setting Content States

And when it comes to keeping track of the status of your content, the Unified Editor has you covered there too. Writing a blog post and need to publish it straight from RankWell? Just advance the status to Publish or Complete. If you’re using our WordPress integration, it’ll automatically publish to your WordPress.

#4 Optimization and Publishing Features

Search and Filter tools

Let’s say you just finished generating a blog post inside RankWell. Not sure what to do next? Toggle through all the filters on the righthand side to see your options. 

Add images, satisfy checklist items to bring your score up, even talk to an AI Agent while optimizing.

Editing and optimizing blog posts is great. But it’s not the end of the rainbow.


We want you to publish your content. Then it can get indexed and ranked.

As I mentioned earlier, just publish it directly from the platform. No more bouncing between different tools or trying to remember all the steps in your publishing process.

#5 Performance Metrics

The Unified Editor isn’t just about creating and publishing content – it’s also about forecasting its performance. And with the built-in performance metrics, you can do that.

Optimization Score

One of the key metrics is the optimization score. This handy little number gives you a quick snapshot of how well-optimized your content is. And with an optimization score of 84 for content straight out of the AI, you know you’re starting from a strong foundation.

Tracking Performance

But the optimization score is just the beginning. The Unified Editor also includes tools for tracking which keywords are and are not mentioned in your post.

Hover over any keyword to show how it competes with actual published articles targeting the same keyword.

#6 Limitless Content Types

So, what does all this mean in practice? How can you actually use the Unified Editor to create better content and grow your audience? Here are a few ideas:

Blog Post Creation

Ok this one should be obvious by now. If you create blog content, Content at Scale’s RankWell is a must-have tool. It’s the best AI SEO writer out there since 2022.

But now you can EASILY create pretty much any written content you can think of.

Social Media

Social media management is a key part of any content strategy, and the Unified Editor makes it easy to manage your social media presence. You can literally ask Syd the Social Media Manager anything.

Ask it anything about social media management. Then get Adelaide Finch – Facebook Creator to write you a post about whatever.

Book Writing

Write a whole dang book. I’d suggest asking AIMEE to outline the book chapters, then work on it  chapter by chapter or section by section. Just save your work and put it into a folder (directly in the editor) that makes sense for your workflow. 

Level Up Your Content with Content at Scale 🚀

The unified editor was a huge initiative to bring all of our features into a smooth, easy-to-understand platform.

We’re delighted to bring this to all of our users.

Generate indepth blog posts (as always) – but it’s much, much easier now. And you can ask our agents anything, get them to write anything, save it, work on it later…all in one unified editor.

Get work done, faster and better than ever.

Written by Julia McCoy

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