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content hacker content at scale merge
Scaling Dreams: The Content at Scale and Content Hacker Merger Tale

Way back in January 2023, I shocked everyone in my industry of content marketing when I revealed that I had crossed over to the Dark Side 🤖. Specifically… I had joined Content at Scale as their VP of Marketing. Coming from someone who built her businesses on the back of human writing (think thousands of […]

Julia McCoy
September 7, 2023
content at scale one year anniversary
Content at Scale’s 1-Year Anniversary

This week, we turned the corner of our first twelve months here at Content at Scale. 🚀 1 YEAR IN. And what a journey it’s been! It all began back on September 5th, 2022. We started out strong with a $50k month – the first income milestone for the SaaS that is now Content at […]

Justin McGill
September 5, 2023