Code of Ethics & Copyright

At Content at Scale, our commitment is to advance the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) responsibly and with integrity, ensuring the usage of the proprietary tech we build aligns with values that prioritize humanity, safety, and respect. 

This Code of Ethics serves as a guideline for both our internal practices and our valued users.

  • 1. Intellectual Property Rights and Copyrights
    • We at Content at Scale believe in empowering creators and thinkers. As such, any content generated using our AI is automatically owned by the user who commissioned the work.
    • Content at Scale relinquishes all copyrights related to AI-generated content, passing those rights entirely down to you, the end user. We hold and retain absolutely no ownership of the work you use our proprietary software stack to produce.
  • 2. Responsible AI Usage
    • Users of Content at Scale’s AI services must commit to utilizing the technology in a manner that adheres to the principles of safety, respect, and ethical responsibility.
    • Using our AI for the creation or dissemination of harmful, unsafe, adult, or predatory content is strictly prohibited.
  • 3. User Accountability
    • While our platform empowers users to create diverse content, it is the responsibility of each user to ensure that their creations are used ethically and legally.
    • Users found to be in violation of these guidelines will be subject to account suspension or termination.
  • 4. Safety and Harm Prevention
    • Content at Scale will continuously improve and update its AI systems to detect and prevent misuse. We will strive to prevent the generation of content that can harm individuals or communities.
    • Feedback from our user community is vital in this pursuit. We urge users to report any content that may seem inappropriate or harmful.
  • 5. Transparency and Open Communication
    • We commit to maintaining open lines of communication with our user base, keeping them informed of any significant changes to our services, systems, or ethical guidelines.
    • Feedback and concerns related to our ethical stance are always welcome and will be addressed with urgency and care.
  • 6. Ongoing Ethical Review
    • The landscape of AI is rapidly evolving. As such, our Code of Ethics will undergo periodic reviews to ensure it remains current and addresses emerging challenges and concerns.

Questions? Email us at We reserve the right to update, change, or modify our Code of Ethics at any time.

For our Terms of Service, which uphold the same copyright pass-down guarantee, click here.

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