Content at Scale 2.0 is Here – A Game-Changer for Content Marketing πŸš€

Today marks a truly monumental day in Content at Scale’s history!

We’re thrilled to announce that our new content quality update and the all-new version of the Content at Scale app is now LIVE.

We believe that this is going to revolutionize the way you create and manage content.

Because now you can truly act on the dream behind Content at Scale.

What’s the dream?

To remove ALL the inefficiencies of outsourcing content creation humanly, or piecing together content out of ChatGPT and spending even more time trying to make that shiz work.


ALL the efficiencies in content creation = gone.

Can you even imagine that?

Well, my team and I did.

And we built what I wanted, and what I believe all efficient marketers want.

A way to create content seamlessly, efficiently, and with quality at heart.

Research-backed. Beautifully written. For any niche. Complete with everything you need to rank in Google. Fully original.

Generated in minutes.

True content at scale.

Guess what?

It’s here.

Our AI content platform is now better than a built-in army of content writers at producing undetectable AI content.

In our all-new app, you can now generate original long-form posts in minutes from a keyword, YouTube URL, podcast feed, existing blog URL, or even a custom audio file – and see how much higher quality the content is compared to any human writer or AI content service.

Content marketing dream achieved. πŸ™Œ

Recap of Today’s New Features

  • Completely new app, re-built from the ground up with an all-new UI πŸ’₯
  • Incredible content quality update now includes external links, better optimization using NLP related keywords discovered in our crawling (vs. just as an optimization guide), formatting, less fluff, and higher accuracy levels. (have to see it to believe it!)
  • You can write about ANY topic πŸ”₯. You are no longer limited to just informational keywords, but now ALL kinds of topics (reviews, comparisons, recipes, etc)
  • A never before seen ability to create content from YouTube video links, podcast episode URLs, or existing blog posts, and even a custom audio or video file (more on all this below) 🀯
  • New content optimization scoring model – so you know exactly how well optimized your content is
  • All new text editor (much cleaner and easier to use)
  • Google Docs export
  • Built-in AI detector within the new research tab
  • Improved user permissions and custom roles for those on Team plans

See What’s New in This Video

Our very own Josh Slone breaks down all the new features here in this video:

“What does it all mean, Basil?” ( Austin Powers for the win  – IYKYK)

See Real-Life Examples of HOW GOOD Content at Scale 2.0 Is

Examples say a thousand words. With no human editing, be prepared to have your mind blown at how good these are.

Keyword to blog
YouTube to blog
Podcast to blog

Fluff Reduction

You won’t see any more first-person related issues. Fluff will get cut down drastically as the articles are much more in-depth and now uses real-time information to compile the articles.

No Need to Add Context Beyond a Keyword, URL, or File

The AI content writer is now so good out of the box, we don’t even recommend customizing the outlines or adding context. Just hitting “Create Content Now” will ensure you end up with real-time and research-backed information, less hallucinated content, and deeper optimization! 🀯

No Need to Even Worry About SEO Anymore

If you weren’t sure what keywords to target, you no longer need to worry.

Simply find competitors or content sites in your niche and grab their existing blog post url’s, or influencers on YouTube, or podcasts in your industry…. you just need a url (or a list of them) and viola – content for days!

You’ll get an entirely freshly written article (not a transcription or summary, but a full blown optimized article) that is completely original.

Podcasts and YouTube videos will actually embed right inside the post itself as well. You can remove them if you prefer of course, but these can be ways to help start potential partnerships or collaborations with the media creator, or perhaps you have your own video or podcast library and now you can re-purpose that content in a whole new way.

External Links & Citations are Included by Default

Something we had a ton of requests for – external links are now added to your content by default (and we also make sure they don’t link to dead pages!).

This is HUGE for fact-based and credible content, #StraightOuttaAI.

You save time while still producing the best content for your content marketing and SEO campaigns.

Hey–did you see those examples yet?!

They’re mindblowingly good.

Written by Content at Scale #StraightOuttaAI with no editing on April 6, 2023:

Keywords and Interlinking

If you’re using WordPress, we already handle all of the interlinking within your own existing website, but now external links to credible sources are added to the content as well.

We also incorporate the actual keywords discovered through our NLP of the top ranking content and put them within the content for more complete optimization – not just as a guide in your sidebar.

GPT-4 Integration

This monster update also includes GPT-4 integration as one of the language models in our proprietary stack.

Adding Users to Your Projects/Team

You’ll also be able to add users now and invite people into your projects on the Scaling and up plans.

What’s Coming: New Reporting Dashboard, Shopify, and Writing Natively in Any Language

We’re working around the clock to roll out a new reporting Dashboard, tweak anything that might come up, and continue to refine things.

Next up on the docket is our Shopify integration to sync content straight to your Shopify store.

We’re changing how we handle content for other languages. Instead of writing everything in English and translating it, we’ll be outputting into the native language directly for a much higher quality version.

It’s Content Marketing On a Whole New Level

Check out this video to catch everything, with a fun “from the future spin” by Julia:

All of this is fuel for you to take your content marketing to a whole new level that’s never been done before.

Absolute game-changer! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

Ready? Try It Out For Yourself

With its all-new innovative features and incredibly user-friendly interface, Content at Scale is now a leading choice for the SEO marketer.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to streamline your content creation process and save 10-25x the going cost of content creation.

Log in today and see for yourself what all the hype is about!

DNS is propagating and so you may still see the old UI for a few minutes yet. You may also see longer creation times as the new processes are a little more involved and more usage (we’re expecting to end up producing over 50 million words this month!).

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Justin McGill is the founder of Content at Scale, a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind content automation tool incorporating AI, machine learning, NLP and semantic analysis to help marketers create Google-ready content 10x faster. Justin has been involved in content marketing and SEO as well as B2B sales software since 2008. When he's not working, he's spending time with his wife and their two kids in Arizona.

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