Our New AI Detector Update Makes it Best-in-Class

Today, we’ve rolled out our brand new AI detector update that puts this in a league of its own. And it’s still completely free (and will remain that way). ūüėä

Greater Scoring Insights

No longer just an overall scoring evaluation, you see the types of problems your content experiences from an AI detection standpoint.

Here’s an example from a ChatGPT output:

Our old AI detector scored this same content as a “68” with no insights into Predictability, Probability, and Pattern.

You’ll have a better overall view of how your content can be detected, including things like sentence structure, word choices and the evaluation of words already stated compared to next word usage and their corresponding probabilities.

See What Content is Being Flagged

We don’t just give you more scoring insight, we actually break this down sentence-by-sentence and tell you exactly where your content is being flagged.

chatgpt ai content detection
This is for content that was produced from ChatGPT.

This makes for a much more helpful experience as now you’ll know¬†exactly¬†where to focus your revision efforts.

We have already adopted this as part of our own internal AIO workflow.

Compare this to any other AI detection solution, and you’ll see how much more accurate this is while being much more user-friendly.

You’ll see less false positives from an overall grade perspective, while being much tougher on AI generated content.

Try the New AI Detector!

Our Own Content Output Just Got Better

While our new AI detector is now honestly the best possible AI detector out there, it also means we had to really make sure the content produced from our system could also be viewed as human-written.

New content produced from our system also passes this much tougher test and on average is rated as “highly likely to be Human!”

New content produced from Content at Scale without editing!

Pretty amazing.

Try that with ANY AI writer on the market and see how it goes.

Quite simply, no other AI content solution comes close to this level of output and it’s only going to be getting better!

Let us know how our product is working for you! Start a chat with us (bottom-right) to drop us a note anytime. We’d love to hear how you’re using Content at Scale.

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