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Our team has decades of experience in content marketing. We’ve run agencies, trained writers (and built courses to train them!), and created thousands of pieces of content. We’re continually updating Content at Scale to write at a human level with the strategy and scaling powers of AI.

Generate humanlike AI content off the starting block

Our AI writer can go head-to-head with the best content writers, and will easily beat a general writer in terms of quality, optimization, and readability—all in a few clicks.

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Content at Scale wipes roadblocks like time/effort/cost off the map by producing humanlike content in at least half the time—most users report 5x, 10x, and even 25x quicker production.

Affordable pricing for every type of content need

Whether you need two blog posts per month or dozens, whether your content needs are broad or narrow, there’s a price point and plan for every AI enthusiast or newbie.

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Frequently asked questions


Do you have a writer who can produce 20+ long-form blog posts per month that are research-backed, highly accurate, and 100% original/undetectable as AI, for less than a penny per word? Then you don’t need Content at Scale. Content at Scale is for the marketer searching for a truly robust, accurate solution to humanlike content creation with AI.


ChatGPT, Jasper, and Rytr are examples of generalized AI writing tools. These apps are great for mass-producing all types of general, short content — whether it’s a tweet, an email, or a headline. On the other hand, specialized writing tools like Content at Scale are designed for a specific purpose. Our premium content production suite is built for robust, long-form SEO blogging. Our generative AI suite is full of pre-trained content formats that will allow you to generate emails, tweets, social copy and more that are humanlike and written well. You can also set a custom tone of voice that matches the author or publisher, without the need for a series of prompts.

Using Content at Scale is essentially like having an army of human content writers, while ChatGPT is like having a chatbot writing assistant. You can guess which one is better.


Studies show that websites with 400+ blog posts receive more than 2x the traffic of blogs with 301-400 posts, and bloggers that publish 16+ blogs or more per month get 4.5x as many leads. (Source) You need to keep up consistent content to get consistent leads and results.


You can publish StraightOuttaAI with our AI for generalized, informational content, like Marcus Campbell did – and experience success. You can also use our AIO and C.R.A.F.T. approach to humanly tailor content for deeper topics and get more success. All in all, you should be saving 7 hours out of an 8 hour blogging process with our Content Producer.


In a blog published on February 2023, Google declared that AI content isn’t bad – it’s content generated primarily for spam that is bad. Quality rater guidelines, however, do say that Google looks at AI detection when ranking content. Google looks for humanlike content, at all times.

Our founder Justin McGill was an SEO for years. That’s why he knows firsthand the struggles of what Google looks for when ranking SEO content. He built the world’s first undetectable AI writer – that’s Content at Scale! – specializing in creating content that beats the AI detector, every time. To be able to pass detection was one of the first benchmarks of a successful end product, and took him a year to develop as a functional, robust, working solution. With users producing millions of words that rank in the top of Google, he’s doing it; and a full-time team of experienced developers on the AI product side are backing up the work and innovation of Content at Scale every day.


We have unique capabilities built-in to allow you to create true thought leadership content. Here’s how it works. Let’s say you have a Zoom recording with an SME (subject matter expert). You can take that Zoom recording, up to an hour long; export the audio file, upload that as a source input to Content at Scale, and it will create a beautiful, 1,000-word article from that input. You can turn our Google search crawler off before it creates the content, so it’s never pulling from Google, and only from that source input. See an example of an article written strictly for a YouTube video, 100% by our AI – no human editing.


AI (Artificial Intelligence) has hundreds of billions of data points available to it. That is infinitely more than the human brain will have access to, no matter how long that human lives or how much they learn. The datasets for GPT only grow and get larger and larger as the model trains and learns with time. Our unique, proprietary stack of more than 3 AI writers will nail your industry expertise better than a human ever can. Our software is built with real-time research capabilities as well, which means it’s researching what’s at the top of Google to find the latest and greatest, parse that down, and distill that into the content it writes for your topic or keyword.


Content at Scale writes natively in over 100 languages. These languages are listed in the 'Language' drop-down menu inside Project Settings.

When creating a new project, select the desired language and click on "Create Project."

You can use keywords and sources in the target language. One way to create a post in Content at Scale is using an existing blog post or URL. The good news is that you can use a source in a different language to your target language and the platform will translate it for you.

For example, let's say you found a great article about your keyword in English, but you want the output to be in Spanish. Let's see how you can do it.

First, click on 'Add Content' and select 'From an Existing Blog Post or URL'. Click 'Next'.

On the next screen:

  • Paste the url of the article in English.
  • Insert the Spanish keyword (or your target language).
  • In the Additional Context field, type: Write the article in Spanish (or your target language).
  • Click on 'Create Content Now'.
You’ll receive content that is 100% original, and 100% written in that native tongue. Voila!

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