Quick Start Guide (+ How to Get Your Questions Answered)

Are you a new user, but aren’t sure how to make the most of Content at Scale?

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No one wants a long tutorial – amiright?

That’s why these are short and sweet, but still get you close to the inner workings of our amazing technology.


Content at Scale in 3 Minutes

Content at Scale Step-by-Step Get Started Videos

How to Add a New Project

The first thing you’ll want to do in your account is to set up your project where you’ll create content within.

Here’s how. 👇

Now that you have a project, you can start creating content.

This is where the magic begins. ✨

How to Create a New Post from a Keyword

You can create a full 2,900-word, original blog in a few minutes from a keyword:

How to Create a New Post from a YouTube

You can create a full blog from a YouTube link:

How to Create a New Post from a Podcast

You can create a full blog from a podcast:

How to Create a New Post from an Existing Blog

And you can create a full blog from an existing blog link:

How to Understand the SEO Optimization Score

Not sure how to read the SEO scoring in our in-app checklist? Here’s how. 👇

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