#ReleaseWeek WrapUp

This has been a week for the books.

We launched not one, but FOUR incredible new offerings here at Content at Scale for our user base.

  • On 5/22, we launched Scalers, our NEW community just for Content at Scale users, where you can chat with our experts real time and start diving into our newly built courses. Exciting interviews and exclusive content launches coming in the planned weeks!
  • On 5/23, Tuesday, we launched a brand new feature inside of the Content at Scale app called Unique Voice. This is a game-changing release that will help you customize your own unique tone of voice to your content, inside of the app. Featuring the voices of Brian Dean, Joe Pulizzi, Adam Enfroy, Dennis Yu, Stefan Georgi, and Content Hacker.
  • On 5/24, Wednesday, Doc to Post came out. You can now start with a raw file, and upload your doc or PDF to get a fully written, SEO optimized, original blog.
  • On 5/25, Thursday, we went live with our Shopify integration. Connect your Content at Scale projects seamlessly to Shopify, and publish straight to your Shopify site without leaving the app.

These were massive feats to pull off, and our team pulled it off!

Here’s the lowdown.

Content at Scale Community: Scalers

On Monday, our community, Scalers, launched.

It’s exclusive to Content at Scale users and is fully live. If you’re a Content at Scale user, you should have received an email invitation. You can now access it and all of the channels, courses, and experts inside.

It’s dynamite!

​Inside Scalers, you can:

  • Connect with other publishers and content creators
  • Linkbuild and share what you’re working on
  • Collaborate on content strategies, AIO questions, and ideas
  • Ask our experts anything
  • Study our courses and certifications
  • Access our affiliate hub

This is a marketer’s dream!

Our hope is to give so much value, you won’t ever want to leave.

Content at Scale New Feature: Unique Voice

Our brand new feature called “Unique Voice” allows you to train Content at Scale to write in your exact tone of voice!

It’s an incredible way to power Content at Scale to write content custom-tailored to you.

Ultimately, this should help you create a more engaging and personalized experience for your audience.

You’ve already experienced the power of creating Content at Scale–creating well-researched, SEO-focused content from just a keyword, blog post, YouTube video or podcast.

And now you can have greater control over how the content sounds.

This new feature will allow you to write in your own voice using AI.

With Unique Voice, you can create a custom tone of voice that reflects your personality and style.

You simply copy-and-paste in examples of introductions and sections of content you like that you want your output to mirror. It’s as easy as that!

Once you’ve created your Unique Voice, you can use it in any of your projects. This will help you to create content that is more engaging and authentic.

Why Should You Choose to Write in Your Unique Voice?

Well, besides being a way to represent your experience (hello, E-E-A-T!), you can increase overall engagement and recognition.

Your content will be more engaging, memorable, and interesting to read when it is written in your own voice.

And, readers will be more likely to trust you and your brand when they can see your personality shining through in your writing. Not to mention your content will stand out and be more YOU than ever before.

To kick this off properly – we’ve got some amazing influencers on board that we’ve built sample Unique Voices for.

Brian Dean, Joe Pulizzi, Dennis Yu, Adam Enfroy, Stefan Georgi, and even our own Julia McCoy!

See how this works: 5-minute video demo 👇

Ready to start using this epic feature?

You CAN! Now, you can go to your project settings and select “Custom” from the Tone of Voice dropdown menu, and that will open up the AI Training sub-tab to build this out for your existing project(s). Or, create a new project and just choose “Custom” for the Tone of Voice setting to start the AI training upon project completion.

Content at Scale New Input Capability: Doc to Post

This launch is a game-changing feature that will revolutionize the way you create compelling blog posts:

Doc to Post.

With “Doc to Post,” Content at Scale brings you the power to effortlessly transform your Google or Word documents or presentations into captivating blog articles, saving you time and unleashing your creativity.

Here are some killer ideas on how you can use this.

  • Content Repurposing Made Easy: Have a treasure trove of valuable documents sitting in your Google Drive or Word folders? With “Doc to Post,” you can breathe new life into them by instantly converting them into engaging blog posts. Unlock the untapped potential of your existing content and reach a wider audience without starting from scratch.
  • Streamlined Collaboration: Collaborating on content creation with your team members or subject matter experts can be a daunting task. “Doc to Post” simplifies the process by allowing you to seamlessly import shared documents and effortlessly convert them into polished blog posts. Gather social content, original thoughts, and just paste them into a doc to upload. You can even gather multiple articles and put them in one document to send through as doc to post input.
  • Rapid Content Generation: Sometimes, you might find yourself struggling to generate fresh ideas for your blog. With “Doc to Post,” inspiration is just a click away. Simply upload your brainstorming notes, research findings, social posts, or rough drafts, and let our powerful algorithm transform them into well-structured and engaging blog posts. Fuel your content pipeline with ease!

Ready to experience the magic of “Doc to Post”?

Sign in to your Content at Scale account and navigate to the “Doc to Post” feature. You’ll be amazed at how effortlessly you can turn your valuable documents into captivating blog content.

​Content at Scale New Integration: Shopify

There has been a major shift in perception around SEO for e-commerce.

No longer is SEO “too slow a burn” or paid ads considered the only way to grow fast.

SEO for e-commerce is booming, and Shopify is at the forefront.

We’ve listened to our users and given you a direct integration into Shopify itself – meaning you can now sync your content straight to your store.

This is perfect if you have an eCommerce audience or list as you now have a direct angle to recommend.

The integration is now live – accessible inside your Project area.

That’s a Wrap

I’m so proud of our team for pulling this off.

And, so thankful for you right here reading our content and using our technology. Without you, we wouldn’t get to build cool stuff like Content at Scale. We wouldn’t have a community like Scalers. We wouldn’t have people to digest and use the courses we published, no Unique Voices to train the cool feature we launched.

You make all of this possible.

Hope you see you on the inside testing out and loving these new features!

Try Content at Scale out →

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