Get SEO Optimized Content Published Daily to Your Blog!

Don’t want to run the tool yourself? Yet, you still want to scale your traffic and have someone do all the leg work for you?

Have you been looking for someone that can not just strategize, but also execute at a high level?

Over the last year I, (Justin McGill), along with my team of 6 have built an SEO driven content automation platform along with a top notch content team. The system lets us insert a keyword and get a draft back that the writing team edits and optimizes. It uses 3 AI engines and 2 NLP and semantic analysis algorithms to compose. It looks at what’s already ranking to build the knowledge to compile the post and then my team edits and optimizes everything to polish it off. You can check out the output here as an example.

While the platform is available to run yourself, we understand some people prefer having experts just handle it all for them.

For $2,000/mo you will get our team to do the keyword research for you (you’ll have final say on the targets), run our system, edit and optimize 20 posts per month content as needed, and get it scheduled directly on your blog with a daily publishing schedule!

If you are serious and would like to chat about your content marketing, please fill out the form to the right and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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